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What clients are saying...

"Cat is a practical talent. She is able to do beautiful and effective work in many circumstances. She is a seasoned pro who has great integrity. A good person and great talent!"

Jane Tamraz, Executive Director at VML


"Catherine's work strikes that rare balance of grace, strength and sophistication which only occurs when a great designer truly loves what they do. Her remarkable sense for the aesthetic is matched only by her open approach, flexibility and eye on the deadline... regardless of the scope of the project. She's a joy to work with!"
Bruce Mackley, Creative Director, Lansing Community College

"Catherine brings enthusiasm and a flair for design on every project she touches. Her work graces our walls."

Gerard Miron, President, Miron Communications

"Catherine’s work combines beauty and elegance with effectiveness and intent. Her experience allows her to create pieces that resonate deeply with her clients in a way that few other designers can ever achieve. If she lived in a global city, she’d rightfully command several times her current rate. Catherine provides a world-class glow to any project that includes her talents." 

Lem Montero, Creative Specialist - Organizer, TEDxKalamazoo 2018

"Catherine is one of the most talented graphic designers that I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. She has an impeccable eye for detail and skilled ear to hear what her client is asking for. Catherine is a true professional. She makes herself available to her clients and always timely in meeting deadlines. I would recommend her services for any corporate or small business graphic design needs."

Karina Ayn Mirsky, Director, Sangha Yoga

"Catherine, you out-do yourself every time. We’re a world-class act all the way, thanks to you!"
Robert Baker, President & CEO, PureData Corporation

"OMG, I can’t say enough about the layout you put together. It’s positively PERFECT!!! I’m beaming right now because I’m so excited to have you on board. Great work, and thank you."
Julie Wheat, Senior Account Executive, Biggs | Gilmore Communications

"Thank you for the fast time turn over. Your work was awesome. We are hustling on a number of projects and you proved to be a great asset. We will be sending more work your way."  
Scott Bowman, Director of Marketing, Skytron


"I just love how you continue to amaze me!!!  I love it."

Barbara Voinar, Director, 4th Street Yoga


"kara | daniel JEWELRY has had the pleasure of working with Catherine on both recent print materials as well as the launching of our first website. From the first designs we received from Catherine, we knew she could clearly “see” what we were saying. She interprets our non-design-speak, our ‘lay’ language, and turns them into designs that work; her translation of our verbal request to a final graphic product is always natural and spot on. Our graphic presence now nicely speaks to our jewelry design. We look forward to the next time we can collaborate with Catherine on a design project."
Kara Aubin, Owner/Designer kara | daniel JEWELRY

"I LOVE IT!!!!!! I can hardly stand it. I just screamed for every person in the office to come and look at your design. FABULOUS. Just fabulous!!!  Thank you, Catherine!! You are such a rock star!"
Sandy Barry-Loken, Director, Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run


"This identity you created has the best look I’ve seen this year. The colors you selected really complimented each other and I’m proud to say that we printed this material."
Ed Ramage, Account Manager, RiverRun Press

"It just looks beautiful and I think it says about all there really is to say."
Pat Gantz, Senior Production Manager, Biggs | Gilmore Communications

"I think it looks great. It is clean, and it makes me feel good, which is what we’re after as well."
Sandy Barry-Loken, Director, Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run

"I knew you were cool, and I’d assumed you were talented but Holy Designwork Batman!!!"
Jamie Blake, Friend

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